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Fire Engineering Technology

Fire Engineering Technology is a fire service to industrial, commercial and specialized facilities in accordance with international and local regulations. The objective is to provide management with the complete fire engineering solution for the fire safety of the facility and it's employees.



The services offered by Fire Engineering Technology are:

  • Fire systems design
  • Fire risk analysis
  • Fire surveys
  • Fire management procedures
  • Fire system design validation
  • Fire safety reviews & audits
  • Employee fire training
  • Fire advisory support



Experience in the field of fire engineering includes projects in the following:

  • Nuclear power plants
  • Conventional power plants
  • Pumped storage schemes
  • Refineries
  • Milling and mining
  • Shopping malls
  • Office parks, etc.

Codes and Standards

The services are conducted in accordance with the following:

  • National Building Regulations
  • SABS codes
  • NFPA fire codes
  • International building codes
  • Guidelines and procedures of governing bodies
  • Industry standards and guidelines
  • Lessons learnt from fire incidents


Fire Research

The following fire references provide an insight into the potential hazards of fire.

The hidden fire risk Smoke stratification Smoke movement in Buildings Thermal stratification
Smoke movement in sprinklered buildings Smoke study Station nightclub simulation of fire


Contact Details:

Box 860 Edenvale South Africa 1610

Mobile: +27793277985


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